Little Princesses

I made myself a promise: No new yarn until there is available storage space. With much of what I have on hand being more suited for winter hats and holiday gifts, I’ve had be dig deep into the well of my creativity as the temperatures have reached “ugh” levels.

Fortunately the Internet is full of clever and resourceful creative types who happily share their patterns and ideas. I happened to stumble upon such a patten while thumbing through Pinterest the other day.

Crochet Tiara Headbands

I worked up both headbands in about an hour using leftover Premier Home Cotton I used to make a floral valance for Sarina’s bedroom window. I’m thinking the tiaras would make nice favors for a royal-themed party!


3 thoughts on “Little Princesses

  1. Amigurumi! They can be made using any yarn can’t they? I’m planning on making a cushion using some scraps and lots of different stuffed toys to use up some of the rest… but good luck with your plan! I love the tiaras, the girls look very pleased with them 🙂

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