Crocheted Midi-Tops for Kids

This year in South West Florida, we skipped Spring temperatures, so I went on a search for crochet patterns to make some summer wearables. I came across a post from 2008 that featured a well-written pattern for a working up a custom fitted tank top. You can check it out here

I grabbed my favorite models, a steel crochet hook and some cotton blend yarn and went to work. I must say, I am more than pleased with the results.

Midi Top 1

Bottom Portion

Bottom Portion

I made Sarina’s pink top by following the full instructions of the pattern and added some picot edging across the bottom and along the outer edge of the straps. I used a simple five petal flower for some pop at the straps.

In a burst of Frankensteinesque creativity, I made Regina’s top using the instructions for the top but using a different pattern for the bottom portion. You’ll find that pattern here and the pattern for the edging here 

Midi Top 2

Bottom Portion

Bottom Portion

The bottom portion of either style can be as long as you like, just continue adding rows and use progressively larger hooks as needed. And there was enough yarn leftover to make a coordinating cuff bracelet for each of my girls. I used this pattern as a guide

Regina CuffSarina Cuff

This was my first real leap into modifying an independent pattern and the process has served to greatly boost my confidence. If you’ve got a favorite customizable pattern, please leave a link in the comments.


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