Feeling Inspired

I have been struggling for a year to complete a special afghan for my husband. The pattern is a popular motorcycle logo, so the work feels very much like a tapestry and the sheer size of the thing became too much for me to work with comfortably. I’m out and about quite a bit, and I like to take my latest WIP along with me. Not only do I feel productive when there’s some time to kill and I’ve added some rows or rounds, I also enjoy sharing my new passion with others.

Don’t even get me started on the bobbins and tails…

The whole  mess, about 25 rows of afghan and all the tangles of yarn, has been stashed in a craft cupboard under a layer of frustration and disappointment. Until today, that is.

I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this morning when BAM! It hit me. My creative and practical sides came together with a simple solution.

Teensy squares.

Teensy Squares

Each square on the graph will become a teensy square of yarn! I can attach the teensy squares at their corners as I go or assemble them as time allows, then add a simple border and voilà!! A sturdy man-sized afghan without straggly strings or the risk of suffocation while stitching.

Have you seen or used a similar method? I’d like to be to know your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Feeling Inspired

  1. Ooo will this be like a pixel afghan? Seen a few of those and they appeal to me because cross stitch patterns can easily be converted into beautiful crochet 🙂


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