The Second Version

I’ve been crocheting for just under four years,  and, as a result of my endless need to practice, my girls have piles of handmade wearables and no two items are the same. I try to make each girl a part of the planning process by having them browse patterns and choose the yarns I use, but sometimes I just grab what’s on hand and start making something without any input from either of them.

My granddaughter Regina isn’t into fashion or following trends. She’s really into comfort and she knows what she likes. And she really likes the Bouvardia Hooded Jacket.

The first version I made with cotton Sugar and Cream yarn that I had bought only because the colors are pretty and it was on sale. I made this one in the Spring and left off the hood. Our South Florida weather is moody more than cold and windy in April. I also shortened the sleeves so she wasn’t constantly pushing them up at school.

I really like the stripes of color around the front and bottom. They give the jacket a kind of hippie chic flair.

When it was time to start thinking about cool weather again, Regina knew exactly which jacket she wanted. We walked the yarn aisles at the nearest craft store for nearly 20 minutes before she chose a variety of purples!  And with the inevitable cold fronts looming in very near future, I made the jacket with the hood.

Because the fabric feels more like a blanket than sweater, I added length at the bottom and the sleeves for an extra snuggle feel. I finished it yesterday and she took it home just in time for the low-40s temps this morning!

You’ll find the original pattern here. I’ve seen comments that some people found it difficult or found errors but I didn’t have any trouble adapting it to fit a child.

Is there a favorite pattern your friends or family request? Leave me a link in the comments.


Spa Quality Wash Cloths

I finished a special order of my 8″ spa cloths today. My pieces will become part of a gift set along with handmade coffee scrub by another local crafter!


This is a set of 10, 5 each of two styles done in two colors. I use Creme de la Creme 100% cotton and LB Collection Cotton Bamboo yarn for my “spa style” wash cloths because they work up smoothly and feel more luxurious than the other cotton yarns I’ve used.


Over the years I’ve developed some go to patterns for making washcloths and I thought I’d share them with you.

As written, each pattern should produce an 8″ wash cloth including the edging. You can increase the size of your cloth by adding a multiple of 2 to each starting chain or decrease by 2s for a smaller cloth. To tighten the corners of your wash cloth, skip over the stitches just before and just after each corner as you work the edges.


Bumpy Moss Stitch 8″ – yellow

Ch 30 with 4.5 mm hook
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, (dc in next stitch, sc next st) across ending with sc in last chain, ch 1 and turn
Row 2: standing dc in both loops of first stitch, (sc in front loop of dc in previous row, dc in back loop of sc in previous row, sc in front loop of dc in previous row) across, ending with dc in both loops of last sc, ch 1 and turn
Row 3: (sc in front loop of dc in previous row, dc in back loop of sc in previous row) across, ending in sc, ch 1 and turn

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until square is formed
Edge with sc around, sc, ch 1, sc to form corners. Complete 2 rounds.


Bumpy HDC 8″ Wash Cloth – Coral

Chain 37 with 4.0 hook
Row 1: HDC in 3rd ch from hook and in each chain across, ch 1 and turn
Row 2: HDC in first stitch, (HDC in front loop of next stitch, HDC in back loop of next stitch), repeat across ending with an HDC in both loops of last stitch, ch 2 and turn

Repeat row 2 until square is made to within 1/4 inch.
Edge with sc around, sc, ch 1, sc to form corners. Complete 2 rounds.


Striped Moss Stitch – green

Ch 31 with a 4.5 mm hook
Row 1: sc, hdc in 2nd ch from hook, (skip next ch, sc, hdc in next ch) across, ch 1 and turn
Row 2: sk first st, sc,hdc in next st, (skip next st, sc, hdc in next st) across, ch 1 and turn
Repeat Row 2 until square is made to within 1/4″
Edge with sc around, sc ch 1, sc to form corners. Complete 2 rounds.


Skipped Stitch pattern 8″ square – blue

Chain 38 with 4.0 mm hook
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch 1, sk next st, sc in next st, repeat from * across remaining chains, ch 1 and turn
Row 2: sc in first st, ch 1 and skip next st, (sc in front loop of st, ch 1, sk next st, sc in back loop of st, ch 1 and sk next st) across, ending with sc in last st, ch 1 and turn

Repeat row 2 until square is made to within 1/4 inch.
Edge with sc around, sc, ch 1, sc to form corners. Complete 2 rounds.



Dragon Scale Texting Gloves

Some time back this Bored Panda post showed up in my Facebook and I immediately filed the images away in my mental “to do” basket. For the few weeks following, members of the crochet groups I belong to were posting the photos and asking for help finding the pattern, as some crafters often do. I personally prefer a bit of detective work, so I ventured into the internet and came across several different types of crocodile stitch fingerless gloves, like this one from Meladora’s Creations and this one by Thanesprayers over on Tumblr.  I filed some more ideas in my “to do” basket.

Fast forward to yesterday evening. I was kicking around ideas of what might be a “hot” seller in our area in the coming weeks when some part of my brain kicked over the “to do” basket and right there on top were all the gloves and mitts!!


I also happened to have 8 balls of self striping yarn just waiting for the right project. And because I don’t already have enough going on, I started working on my own variation of Dragon Scale Texting Gloves! I’m pretty excited because my yarn seems to represent the sea, fire, the earth and the sky so I’m going with a limited production “nature’s elements” theme,


I’ve made lots of slippers using the crocodile stitch, so I was able to do the math and create the right size cuff using my favorite technique. I’m taking notes as I go, so if my gloves are a success I’ll try to write up and share a useable pattern.

Sleeping Buddies


Isn’t she cute!? I just finished her today for our granddaughter Milena who lives in Germany. The doll is 8″ tall and stuffed with poly fill and dried lavender. I added a few drops of lavender oil to a cotton ball in her head and she smells divine!

Now that I’m familiar with the Sleeping Buddies pattern, I plan to make up some in festive holiday colors. I think they’d make a fantastic stocking stuffer for baby’s first Christmas.


Do you have a favorite small toy or doll to crochet? Share a link in the comments below!

WIPs Wednesday

With cheer season behind us (go, Longhorns!) and the early arrival of my grandson (go, Marshall!) and the upcoming arrival of my son from Germany (go, Kevin!), I decided to organize my current projects and make a plan for tackling both personal and professional WIPs.


I started a special request on Monday and I should be done before the next cold front arrives this is a child sized version of the  Bouvardia Hooded Jacket pattern. I don’t normally make garments using Red Heart Super Saver but my junior client was insistent of the color scheme.

73830652-e89b-4349-b54f-e470fb98882eI’ve been working on a robe of my own design for months now. I’m using Wool Free Lace in geode and tarnished silver that my eldest daughter (and new mother) fell in love with when she saw it in another project of mine. It took at least three do-overs before I came up with something I really liked and I intended to have it finished for the new mother by Thanksgiving. Circumstances dictated otherwise and, while I am still making progress, my deadline is sort of…flexible.


I received a special order for spa cloths that will be given as gifts. Creme de la Creme yarn looks and feels super luxurious without busting your budget. I love small projects like these because I can take them with me to practices, games and lessons without hauling half my stash with me.

Theres also a sweet little doll in the works, but I’ll have more on her once she’s finished.

What’s on your hook?



Fancy Footwear

The weather here in South Florida has finally caught up with the calendar and we’re expecting low temps in the 60s this week. That means chilly tile floors and a renewed need for wearing socks and slippers. With two growing girls, I’ve spent a great deal of my time practicing new stitches and techniques on footwear that’s both warm and fun to wear.

Not only was this the first pattern I ever paid for, this was how I learned the make the crocodile stitch. This pattern by Bonita Patterns & Yarns is one of my most popular items. My girls wore theirs for almost three years before their feet outgrew the yarn’s ability to stretch. I guess I should make them each a replacement pair…

I make slippers for adults, too, even for myself. My personal favorites are the Cute and Cozy Granny Slippers because they’re durable and work up rather quickly,  and I can use up leftover yarn from other projects.

I also love the Pozy Toes Crochet Slippers but, much to my surprise, I don’t have a photo.

Let’s not forget about socks! All of these are mostly my own design (there is no published pattern for that middle pair, but it is someone else’s original idea). I learned the basics here and have added different stitches and designs because there’s really nothing better in the fall than having the cutest socks peeking out of the tops of your boots.

You can see more of my Fancy Footwear on A Country Yarn Handmade on Facebook.

Do you have a favorite pattern? With the cooler weather finally set to arrive, I’m on the lookout for something new!


It’s fall, y’all!

I know we passed the Autumnal Equinox a few weeks ago but, here in South Florida, the overnight temps finally dropped below 70 degrees F for the first time since May! It’s wonderful to venture outdoors first thing in the morning without feeling sweaty. However, the cooler temps give me goosebumps.

I have an abundance of Paton’s Beehive Baby Sport yarn in Vintage Lace and Baby Grey that I bought on clearance over a year ago. It’s so soft and lightweight that it feels like I’m working with air. I also have nearly 100 shawl and wrap patterns saved on Pinterest, so I decided that I needed to make a little something that would keep my arms warm while I walk the dogs and wait for the sun to appear.


You can find the free pattern for The Dixie Charm Shawl here. Unfortunately, I can’t link to the pattern for the border because I downloaded a diagram from a Russian site and I haven’t been able to find it online again.

My mom volunteered to model the wrap for me today (say “hi, Mom!”) and I’m hoping that I can get it back before summer rolls back around.

If  you’ve got a favorite wrap or shawl pattern, let me know in the comments. I may be needing a new one.

Mookie’s Baby Blanket

My eldest daughter Christina is expecting her second baby in November. It’s been 14 years since there’s been a new boy in the family, so we’re especially excited this time around. And since I learned to crochet less than 4 years ago, this is my first opportunity to make ALL OF THE BABY THINGS!!

The expectant mother and I looked over several different baby blanket patterns before settling on one. Funny enough, while I was waiting for the yarn to arrive I came across two compatible free patterns that gave us exactly the blanket she had in mind and the perfect border, too. The result is nothing short of outstanding, if I do say so myself.


The blanket is oversized for a stroller blanket, measuring 42-1/2″ by 32″ without the border. For the waves I used this Summer Mist Throw Pattern from Yarnspirations; for the stripes I used this Elegant Squares Baby Blanket Pattern I found on; and for the border I used this Pink Wave Edge Tutorial by Elena Kozhukhar.

This was the first time I used Caron Super Value yarn, and I must tell you that it is remarkably soft for a value yarn. I plan to keep more of it in my stash in the future.

There are more details on my Ravelry project page, and I am already working on a coordinating tote bag using the remainder of the yarn.

If you love a good CAL, check this out

I’ve been neglecting my crochet blog, mostly because of kids and crochet. I’ve got beautiful projects to share with you, but I’m out of the habit on getting online with any regularity.

And then a few days ago I received an email that was exciting! There’s a new CAL starting that will provide you with 12 patterns to create a spa basket. I’ve done blankets and apparel and even a Boho Chic bag, but a dozen spa worthy goodies sounds amazing!

There’s also a contest with spa worry prizes to treat yourself or add to your project for a gift that special someone will remember. You can find all the details at this Stitches and Scraps page. Be sure to let me know in the comments that you’ve joined one (or both) of the CAL groups so I can look for your progress photos!

A Yarny Giveaway…

Contests are great, and so is her blog!

Crochet blog

Yes, that’s right I’m having a little yarny giveaway here at the Nest.  The purpose for such frivolity I hear you ask?

Well, it is a belated celebration of my 2 year blogging anniversary; which was actually back in June.  Whilst I was aware this occasion had come and gone, life was a little too hectic to mark the occasion.  So, I parked the celebration temporarily and am now ready with a little yarny give-a-way.


This year has been frantic and I want to thank  all of my regular readers for being patient with me along this journey and for all of your cheering on! It has really helped me and if you’re relatively new around here consider it a welcome. 

So before I get to the give-a-way, I thought I would just highlight some of my favourite posts from the last 12 months.

 100 patch granny 100 patch granny

The 100 patch granny blanket…

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