My Summer Trend Pt. 1

I’m not even going to look at the date I last posted here.  Blogging is definitely not in my special skill set, but I’ve set my mind to post more often and to share not only my own work but the independent designers and fiber artists I’ve discovered over the summer.

This post, however, is All. About. Me. and the amazing circular garments I’ve been creating like some sort of possessed hooker. It’s like the 4-ply gradient cotton blend yarns have me under a spell. I could not stop ordering yarn and collecting patterns.

So I started with my two favorite guinea pigs models in the featured photo up there and we shrunk a couple of adult patterns down to fit a pair of 8-year old fashionistas in training. The one on the left is a free pattern you’ll find more info about here – Fall Festival Jacket and the one on the right is a paid pattern you’ll find more info about here – Oceano Circle Vest. I think we were all pretty stoked with the results. But it all changed when I discovered this free pattern you can learn more about here – Summer Circle Vest which uses a vintage tablecloth pattern to make a garment. I finished the black and turquoise on my way to my mother’s birthday party. She wears it all the time!


I had to have one for myself, so I headed back to Pinterest and with the help from my beloved eldest guinea pig daughter, we came up with the pattern on the right. You can find out more about that one 4th of July Boho Vest. At this point, I had a couple of custom orders and I was starting to focus on the upcoming holidays (because crafters always have half a brain well into the next season).

The always popular Lotus Mandala Duster was such a hit that the recipient couldn’t wait for the sleeves. Same with this gorgeous vest that had me daydreaming about hydrangeas. You can find out more about that one here – Spring Flair Jacket.

While most of our clan resides in a swamp South Florida, we do have a daughter and granddaughter in Germany and I thought they shouldn’t be left out of the circle (get it? see what I did there?). Of course, I need self striping worsted weight yarns to make jackets that are as functional as they are fabulous and you can find out more about those two projects here – Child’s Kaleidoscope Jacket and here – Fall Festival…with sleeves!

Which brings me to the absolute pinnacle of my Summer Circle Binge. This time, I found myself with a special request for Halloween and for the very first time in my 4-1/2 years of crocheting, I designed something besides a blanket. I used a vintage doily pattern to help me figure out the edging. You can find more info here – Boho Spider Web Jacket.


The center was easy enough but that edging and those sleeves and 9/10 of a mile (really!?) of black silk were tough. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever get it finished.

I’m really glad I did though.

Believe it or not, that’s not all I accomplished so far this year. So stay tuned for My Summer Trend Pt. 2.

Did you ever find yourself in a creative whirlpool? Let me know what took over your craft room in the comments below. And thanks for stopping by.



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