Dragon Scale Texting Gloves

Some time back this Bored Panda post showed up in my Facebook and I immediately filed the images away in my mental “to do” basket. For the few weeks following, members of the crochet groups I belong to were posting the photos and asking for help finding the pattern, as some crafters often do. I personally prefer a bit of detective work, so I ventured into the internet and came across several different types of crocodile stitch fingerless gloves, like this one from Meladora’s Creations and this one by Thanesprayers over on Tumblr.  I filed some more ideas in my “to do” basket.

Fast forward to yesterday evening. I was kicking around ideas of what might be a “hot” seller in our area in the coming weeks when some part of my brain kicked over the “to do” basket and right there on top were all the gloves and mitts!!


I also happened to have 8 balls of self striping yarn just waiting for the right project. And because I don’t already have enough going on, I started working on my own variation of Dragon Scale Texting Gloves! I’m pretty excited because my yarn seems to represent the sea, fire, the earth and the sky so I’m going with a limited production “nature’s elements” theme,


I’ve made lots of slippers using the crocodile stitch, so I was able to do the math and create the right size cuff using my favorite technique. I’m taking notes as I go, so if my gloves are a success I’ll try to write up and share a useable pattern.


3 thoughts on “Dragon Scale Texting Gloves

  1. i’m so happy to see the stitch in a mulitcolor yarn. what type of yarn is it? cotton?
    Check out my recent post, this really has been in all my crochet groups too and people asking to make them the gloves, so I used the stitch to make some legwarmers<3


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