WIPs Wednesday

With cheer season behind us (go, Longhorns!) and the early arrival of my grandson (go, Marshall!) and the upcoming arrival of my son from Germany (go, Kevin!), I decided to organize my current projects and make a plan for tackling both personal and professional WIPs.


I started a special request on Monday and I should be done before the next cold front arrives this is a child sized version of the  Bouvardia Hooded Jacket pattern. I don’t normally make garments using Red Heart Super Saver but my junior client was insistent of the color scheme.

73830652-e89b-4349-b54f-e470fb98882eI’ve been working on a robe of my own design for months now. I’m using Wool Free Lace in geode and tarnished silver that my eldest daughter (and new mother) fell in love with when she saw it in another project of mine. It took at least three do-overs before I came up with something I really liked and I intended to have it finished for the new mother by Thanksgiving. Circumstances dictated otherwise and, while I am still making progress, my deadline is sort of…flexible.


I received a special order for spa cloths that will be given as gifts. Creme de la Creme yarn looks and feels super luxurious without busting your budget. I love small projects like these because I can take them with me to practices, games and lessons without hauling half my stash with me.

Theres also a sweet little doll in the works, but I’ll have more on her once she’s finished.

What’s on your hook?




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