If you love a good CAL, check this out

I’ve been neglecting my crochet blog, mostly because of kids and crochet. I’ve got beautiful projects to share with you, but I’m out of the habit on getting online with any regularity.

And then a few days ago I received an email that was exciting! There’s a new CAL starting that will provide you with 12 patterns to create a spa basket. I’ve done blankets and apparel and even a Boho Chic bag, but a dozen spa worthy goodies sounds amazing!

There’s also a contest with spa worry prizes to treat yourself or add to your project for a gift that special someone will remember. You can find all the details at this Stitches and Scraps page. Be sure to let me know in the comments that you’ve joined one (or both) of the CAL groups so I can look for your progress photos!


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