The Cuteness!

The kids all head back to school on Monday (yay!!) and that means new backpacks for everyone. The teen-aged boy doesn’t require much aside from standard school supplies, but the two girls need embellishments that reflect their personalities. So I dove back into my yarn stash and whipped up a couple of amigurumi back pack buddies!

Regina's Cat

Fancy feline for Regina

Regina and her mama love cats, and when I came across this Small Cat Pattern I just knew it would be perfect. And I was right! The whole kitty took just a few hours, including the teeny flower. I’ve found that attaching ears and arms and tails prior to stuffing works better form me than sewing them onto the figure. Weaving the ends is much, much easier and I think the stitches and knots are secured with the stuffing. To be honest, though, at one point I was afraid I had created more baby Yoda than cat…

Pretty peacock for Sarina

Pretty peacock for Sarina

Sarina falls in love with some new creature just about every week, but peacocks have been a longtime favorite. With the pretty jewel tones I had leftover from another project, I knew the Peacock Amigurumi Pattern was just what she needed.  The picture doesn’t do justice to the colors, and the little guy is now happily attached to a turquoise backpack. I did have to attach the feathers to the body after stuffing, but I managed to hide my knots and ends without much struggle. The pattern calls for an additional row of feathers, but I didn’t think they’d hold up to the wear and tear of first grade life.

If you’re on Ravelry checking out the peacock pattern, stop by My Page and be my friend. And I’d love to see your amigurumi, so leave me some links in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by today! Jennifer


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