The Ten Crochet Commandments

Now these are rules I can easily follow!




You shall crochet whatever makes you happy, regardless of what other people say. Be that a crochet dinosaur or a crochet pencil topper…the only goal is happiness.

You shall take every opportunity to teach others about the craft. Whether they want to learn or not.

You shall have yarn. A hell of a lot of yarn.

You shall sacrifice clothing, objects and furniture (and men if necessary) to find a space to put said yarn. And you shall proudly call it a STASH.

You shall spend many happy hours drooling and sighing over other people’s crochet masterpieces, knowing if you tried that particular pattern or technique, it just wouldn’t look the same.

You shall crochet on every mode of transport where you are not actively driving / piloting / navigating.

You shall understand this: time stands still for no one who crochets. So get a…

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