Granny Sampler Stroller Blanket

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Hot off the Hook!

I came across an intriguing pattern a couple of weeks ago, and was delighted that I had the perfect yarn on hand to give it a try. I’ve made plenty of pretty frilly looking items, so this time I left out the pinks and ruffles and went with blue, yellow and green.

The Rectangular Granny Sampler Blanket worked up quickly and is light and airy, perfect for summer babies. I altered the use of the color in the pattern and I reduced the number of rows to keep the blanket from taking over my lap. My smaller version measures 25″L x 21 “W.

Rectangular Granny SamplerI am delighted with the look. This is a project I’ll be making again, and I think the pattern will be beautiful in heavier weight yarns and with larger hooks. I’m already envisioning Christmas or Easter colors… and a matching pillow!

Sampler Corner DetailI would highly recommend this pattern for beginners, but even an advanced crocheter will appreciate the beauty of the details.

Let me know what you think in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Granny Sampler Stroller Blanket

  1. I think your’s looks lovely! I learnt knitting around 2 weeks ago but haven’t really found the time to complete my first project yet.


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