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Today, I want to delve into the beautiful world of crochet art for the walls.

Crochet is a fiber art form and they are a few artists that have taken it to the highest level, and they are an inspiration to me.

As you know by now, I am creating my crochet fiber art room known as RR for recycled room and I am now looking into wall hangings to go with the clock (I am still waiting for the mechanical part to come in) since a room is not complete without something on the walls.

I think giant mandalas are just so beautiful and colorful, and will fit this concept just perfect.

I want to keep my color selection to a minimum, so as to complement my vivid sofa. Here is one from Xenobia Bailey:

Gazelle - Nathan VincentDoily wall art

I think these are all show stopping beautiful.

Image result for crochet wall artThey will give the room a…

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