UPDATE 7/02/2015: Candy and Stars Baby Blanket with Booties and Mitts

A Country Yarn

blanket measures 40" from tip to tip blanket measures 40″ from tip to tip

I finished the blanket earlier this week, and I was so crazy over the colors that I whipped up a set of booties and mitts to match.

they remind me of  Creamsicles they remind me of Creamsicles

found the pattern for the booties here SLK Baby Booties and the pattern for the mitts here Infant Scratch Booties.

I feel like this is a set I’ll be making in a variety of color combinations for years to come.

ORIGINAL POST 6/27/2015:

We’re celebrating a birthday tomorrow, and we have family arriving for the weekend. I’m more than a little excited about both of those. I’m also excited to have kept my “no new yarn” promise for two months!  To be honest, even with my various projects there’s barely a dent in my stash. With so much Bernat Softee baby yarn on hand, I went in search of baby…

View original post 75 more words

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